Ensuring Accountability and Oversight in Open Infrastructure >> moderator

Technology as Political Resistance >> panelist

Taking it to the Tweets >> guest lecturer

Whose Agenda: Action, Research, & Politics >> conference host

Politics, Power, Community, Technology >> panel chair

Women in Technology and Gender Data Gaps >> panel moderator

Can we write Human Rights Into the Internet? >> panelist

  • Belfer Policy Chat, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs  (Mar 2019)

Developing a Participatory Approach to Digital Rights Research​ >> facilitator

Effective Communication and Presentation Skills >> guest lecturer

  • Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership, Babson College (Nov 2014)

Community Managers: Ready for a Seat at the Table? >> workshop co-facilitator

  • South by Southwest Interactive (Mar 2014)

Social Media Boundaries: Personnel Meets Personal Policies >> panelist

  • Nonprofit Technology Conference (Mar 2013)

So, You Want to be a Social Entrepreneur? >> guest lecturer

  • UIUC Social Entrepreneurship Workshop, University of Illinois (Apr 2012)

How to Engage with Your Community Online & Still Have Time for Lunch >> speaker

  • Nonprofit Tech Club Austin | NTEN (Mar 2012)

Designing Online Engagement to Collaborate With Your Community >> panelist

  • Nonprofit Technology Conference (Mar 2012)

Social Media Boundaries: Personal/Personnel Policy >> panelist

  • South by Southwest Interactive, Austin (Mar 2012)


  • Innovators Improv (Feb 2011)

See Spot Text >> guest lecturer